Product Care

KEEP YOUR SIBIA PALACE PRODUCTS LOOKING BEAUTIFUL SIBIA PALACE provides you the best and selected products that will never let you down. SIBIA creates unique luxury accessories crafted from fine, high quality materials sourced from around the globe. Understanding how your SIBIA piece has been made and how to care for it is an important part of sustaining its love-forever feeling. We are a team of sharp-witted, fashion-savvy, innovative, and forward-thinking individuals with a dream to create a better shopping experience for you; you name it, either we have it or try to comply with your request. Provides you the best color selection for different products.

Product Care Instruction

Every Item need some love & care to last long. For clothing, basics things we need to remember are, Dry cleaning is preferred for the cloths. We should use cold water while washing in machine. Other things that are most important, we should not mix colours with white, don’t bleech, dry the cloths under the shade, and iron at low heat.

For Homeware products every item that we are using we need to take proper care of the item so that we can use that product/item for long time. The most important thing is hand wash the item and dry them under sunlight. You can alsodo cleaning sprat and wipe.

You need to extra care of toys. There are few things we should keep in mind while using toys. First thing, we should keep in mind that don’ t immersethe toys in water , do hand wash to make them clean and dry naturally without doing machine wash. As some of the toys are made up of plastic or other material so keep away them from fire.

Hair accessories are very light weight items so we need to do little care while using these items.

Jewellery has been made out of many possible materials (beads, wire, metals, string, resin, stone, etc.). We need to do little care at home so that Sibia Palace Collection will last a long time. There are few things we need to take care such as, You should take off your jewellery before swimming, showering, exercise, laundry or washing dishes. We should avoid spray of perfume, deodorant directly on your jewellery and store it properly

Preserving your watch is as simple as keeping the exterior clean, minimizing the chances of foreign particles getting inside. Gently wipe off your watch from time-to-time to remove dust, dirt, perspiration and moisture buildup. This routine care will extend the life and appearance of your watch.


AVOID exposing your non-water resistant watch to any type of moisture. In the event it comes in contact with any moisture simply wipe it with a dry soft cloth.


Use a soft damp cloth to clean the head of the watch and then wipe off with a dry soft cloth. Metal bracelets can be cleaned by using mild soapy water and a soft toothbrush


To enjoy your watch for a long time always store it separate from other jewellery.